The Dart 2019, Issue 7 Promotional Video
Living Through Climate: The Effects of the Weather on Residents

The Dart investigates how an increase in severe weather events has affected citizens of the Midwest, with some thinking it points to the larger issue of climate change.

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge | Welcome Video

This highlight reel of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge's outdoor recreational activities plays at the entryway of their visitor center.

Grandad's Thunderstorm

My grandad's farm in middle-of-nowhere Kansas is my happy place. Here is a piece of it, narrated by Grandad himself.

Unfiling Adoption

Beth Schaffer -- my mother -- goes through adoption papers in order to help me complete a birth parent search, while reflecting on the day she traveled to China to meet me.

100 Years of David Horner

From raising a family to serving on the county commission, 100-year-old Columbia, Mo. resident David Horner has impacted countless lives with his work. One of his many careers included working for the Columbia Weather Bureau. Listen to him reflect on his time as a weatherman here.

Citizen Spotlight News Story: Christine Phung

A project for one of my journalism classes. Here, I learned how to sequence a video while highlighting a rollerblading student at the University of Missouri.